Gym log

Aug. 24th, 2016 08:35 pm
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Weigh-in: roughly 111kg

Benchpress: 2x10 @65kg, 1x6 @65kg, 2x4 @60kg
Squats: 3x10 @90kg
Bicep curl: 3x10 @8kg/arm
Lat raise: 3x10 @8kg/arm
Cycling: 3x 00:30 intervals, 1.7km in 05:00
Rowing: 3x 01:00 intervals

Gym log

Aug. 22nd, 2016 07:22 pm
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I forgot to log my Friday gym, and it is sufficiently far in the past that I cannot remember my sets exactly.

But today's is still relatively fresh.

Weigh-in: 111kg approx (gym is now using an analogue scale with small numbers)

Benchpress: 1x5 @65kg, 4x5 @70kg, 1x5 @60kg
Squats: 5x5 @110kg
Lat raise: 3x10 @8kg/arm
Bicep curl: 3x10 @8kg/arm
Incline situps: 1x10, 1x10, 2x5
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Benchpress: 1x5 @65kg, 4x5 @70kg
Incline benchpress : 3x5 @20kg
Seated overhead press: 3x5 @20kg
Squats: 5x5 @110kg
Decline situps: 1x10, 1x8
Intervals cycling: 2x 00:45, 2x 00:30
Lat raise: 3x10 @8kg/arm
Bicep curl: 3x10 @8kg/arm
Rowing intervals: 3x 01:00

Scales in the gym wasn't working, so no weigh-in.

Gym log

Aug. 11th, 2016 08:21 pm
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Weigh-in: 110kg

Benchpress: 2x10 @60kg, 1x8 @60kg, 2x3 @60kg
Squats: 3x10 @90kg
Bicep curl: 3x10 @8kg/arm
Lat raise: 3x10 @8kg/arm
Intervals: 2x 00:45, bike
Two sessions on the bike, non-interval: 1km in 3:20, 1.6km in 4:00

I also finally googled basal metabolic rate and its relation to energy expenditure. There are apparently formulae that provide a rough guess. I don't intend to start counting calories, but it is interesting to note that for a woman of my age and size, BMR is nearly 1900kCal daily. And if I am doing "light" exercise (1-3 times weekly) my daily energy expenditure rises to over 2500kCal.

On the other hand, I suspect my BMR is lower than average: the women in my family are built for famines, and I have (treated) hypothyroidism and am taking SSRIs, both things which are supposed to contribute to lower BMR.

It would be really interesting to get my BMR professionally assessed. But that seems like a lot of effort.
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Books 2016: 80-95

80. Max Gladstone, Four Roads Cross. Tor, 2016.

Reviewed for REALLY LIKE.

81. Foz Meadows, An Accident of Stars. Angry Robot Books, 2016.

Reviewed for REALLY REALLY LIKE. Love, even.

82. Fran Wilde, Cloudbound. Tor, 2016.

Reviewed for Locus. REALLY LIKE.

83. Django Wexler, The Guns of Empire. Roc, 2016.

Reviewed for REALLY LIKE.

84. Judith Tarr, Lord of the Two Lands. Read in ebook out of a Storybundle.

Excellent novel featuring Alexander, an Egyptian priestess, sundry Macedonians, Greeks, Persians, Levantines and Egyptians, gods and fate. I really enjoyed it.

85. Jo Graham, The Emperor's Agent. Read in ebook out of a Storybundle.

Interesting and entertaining novel set during the Napoleonic Wars. Has reincarnation and magic in. Also espionage, sex and death.

86. Geonn Cannon, The Virtuous Feats of the Indomitable Miss Trafalgar and the Erudite Lady Boone. Read in ebook out of a Storybundle.

Steampunk, really not great at worldbuilding or history, with truly ANNOYING (from an archaeologist's and historian's point of view) archaeological adventurism. However, much diverse characters, quite a bit of queer sex, great sense of batshit delight and delight in being batshit? Kind of aggressively mediocre, though.

87. Heather Blackmore, For Money or Love. Bold Strokes Books, 2016. Ebook.

It's a lesbian billionaire romance! (Sort of.) And it's well-written! And touching! And affecting! And mostly good! THIS IS SURPRISING AS ALL HELL. I recommend it.

88. Jaycie Morrison, Basic Training of the Heart. Bold Strokes Books, 2016. Ebook.

Lesbian romance. Women's Army Corps, WWII. Aggressively mediocre in terms of tension, plot, and writing. Interesting characters.

89. Jenny Frame, Courting the Countess. Bold Strokes Books, 2016. Ebook.

A modern lesbian aristocrat-housekeeper romance that really really wants to be a period novel. Meh.

90. Jaime Maddox, Hooked. Bold Strokes Books, 2016. Ebook.

Terrible lesbian romance with the Problem Of Prescription Drug Addiction thrown in for good (bad) measure. The best that can be said for it is that it's marginally readable.

91. Erica Abbott, Fragmentary Blue. Ebook.

Lesbian romantic suspense. Mostly okay.

92. Erica Abbott, Certain Dark Things. Ebook.

Sequel to Fragmentary Blue. Mostly okay too.

93. Erica Abbott, Acquainted With The Night. Ebook.

Sequel to Certain Dark Things. Kind of a hot mess, but entertaining for all that it is terribly constructed.


94. Joseph Roisman, Alexander's Veterans and the Early Wars of the Successors. University of Texas Press, 2013 [2012].

A thorough history of Alexander's Macedonian veterans as political actors in the years immediately following his death in 323 BCE. Unfortunately not very interested in material culture and making comparisons to other sorts of veterans, but for what it is, absolutely fascinating and well worth reading.

95. Peter Thonemann, The Maeander Valley: A Historical Geography from Antiquity to Byzantium. Cambridge University Press, 2015 [2011].

A magnificent, magisterial regional history of the valley of the Maeander river in Asia Minor. Really engaging, really good. Also well worth reading.

Gym log

Aug. 9th, 2016 07:42 pm
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Weigh-in: 109.1kg

Benchpress: 1x10 @60kg, 1x5 @65kg, 2x5 @70kg, 2x5 @65kg.
Squats: 5x5 @100kg
Intervals cycle machine: 3x45 seconds, 3x30 seconds
Intervals rowing machine, light: 4x60 seconds
Bicep curl: 3x10 @7kg/arm
Lat raise: 3x10 @7kg/arm

Gym log

Jul. 21st, 2016 07:31 pm
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Weigh-in: 109.0kg

Benchpress: 1x5 @65kg, 2x5 @70kg, 1x5 @75kg, 1x5 @70kg.
Squats: 2x5 @110kg, 1x5 @115kg, 1x5 @120kg, 1x5 @125kg
Physio exercise: 1x30 @20kg/leg
Lat raise: 3x10 @7kg/arm
Other thing that isn't a lat raise: 3x5 @6kg/arm
Other thing that still isn't a lat raise: 3x5 @6kg/arm

Rowing: 1km in 5:30
Cycling: 1km in 2:20, 2km in 5:30

Gym log

Jul. 19th, 2016 07:27 pm
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Benchpress: 2x10 @60kg, 1x5 @60kg, 1x3 @60kg.
Squats: 6x5 @110kg.
Lat raise: 3x10 @7kg/arm
Other thing that isn't a lat raise: 3x5 @4kg/arm
Bicep curl: 2x12 @7kg/arm
Physio exercise: 1x30 @20kg/leg
Rowing: 2km in 10:55
Cycle: two intervals of 1km as fast as possible: 2:20 and 2:25.

Gym log

Jul. 18th, 2016 10:54 pm
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Benchpress: 1x5 @65kg, 1x5 @70kg, 1x5 @75kg, 1x1 @80kg, 1x3 @75kg, 1x4 @70kg, 2x5 @60kg.
Rowing machine: 2km in 10:30
Military press: 3x10 @5kg/arm
Cycle: three intervals of 1km each, as fast as possible
Bicep curl: 3x10 @7kg/arm
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Books 2016: 74-79

74. David D. Levine, Arabella of Mars. Tor, 2016. Copy courtesy of Tor.

Reviewed for

75. Yoon Ha Lee, Ninefox Gambit. Solaris 2016. Copy courtesy of Solaris.

This is so great. SO GREAT. Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic space opera territory, with undead generals and friendly robots and horrible people and relatively decent people doing horrible things and it is just so readable and compelling that despite the INCREDIBLY HIGH BODYCOUNT I want MORE NOW PLEASE.

76. Laydin Michaels, Bitter Root. Bold Strokes Books, 2016. Ebook.

Romance featuring queer women set in Louisiana. Dark pasts, lots of talk about food. It is okay, I guess.

77. Adrian Tchaikovsky, Spiderlight. Publishing, 2016. Copy courtesy of

Read for review for I enjoyed this IMMENSELY, though at first I didn't expect to.


78. James C. Scott, The Art of Not Being Governed: An Anarchist History of Upland Southeast Asia. Yale University Press, New Haven CT, 2011.

This is an incredible book, part history and part anthropology. I read it in snatches, two and three pages together as time allowed. Scott argues that marginal peoples living at the edges of settled state civilisations have, in the main, made choices about the composition of their societies, their cultural toolsets, their subsistence regimes, and so on, deliberately in order to avoid incorporation into settled states.

It is a really interesting work, and a really interesting argument, and a fascinating overview of Southeast Asia's non-state peoples. I recommend it extremely.

79. Robin Waterfield, Taken at the Flood: The Roman Conquest of Greece. Oxford University Press, Oxford, 2014.

The US paperback edition is coming out this autumn and I hope to get to review this somewhere. But basically it is what it says on the tin.

Gym log

Jul. 12th, 2016 07:55 pm
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Rowing: 1200m in 06:10.

Benchpress: 1x5 @65kg, 1x5 @70kg, 3x5 @65kg, 1x5 @60kg.
Squats: 5x5 @110kg.

Short and sweet, for the first time back in two weeks.
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Books 2016: 43-73

43-56. Karin Kallmaker, Captain of Industry, The Kiss That Counted, Warming Trend, Love By The Numbers, Stepping Stone, Substitute for Love, Wild Things, Painted Moon, Unforgettable, One Degree of Separation, Just Like That, Making Up For Lost Time, and Roller Coaster. Bella Books, various dates. Ebooks.

Contemporary romance novels starring queer women. I might have binged. A bit.

57. Jane Fletcher, The Shewstone. Bold Strokes Books, 2016. Ebook.

Fantasy caper romance involving queer women and a magical macguffin. Fun.

58. T. Kingfisher, The Raven and the Reindeer. Independently published. Ebook.


59. A.J. Quinn, Just Enough Light. Bold Strokes Books, 2016. Ebook.

Lesbian romance involving mountain search and rescue and dark pasts. Meh. No, seriously, really kinda meh.

60. Jae, Shaken To The Core. Ylva Publishing, 2016. Ebook.

Romance set in 1906 San Francisco featuring two women from very different backgrounds. Earthquakes! Class differences! FIRES AND PERIL! It's a lot of fun.

61. Genevieve Valentine, Icon. Saga Press, 2016.

Elegiac sequel to Persona. Beautiful, but left me rather cold.

62. Charles Stross, The Nightmare Stacks. Orbit, 2016.

Excellent instalment in Stross's Laundry series. Elves! Vampires! Invasions from another dimension. A tip of the hat to Terry Pratchett in the sheer psychopathy of the elves. Terrible family dinners. So much fun.

63. K.B. Wagers, Behind the Throne. Orbit, 2016. Forthcoming.

Space opera. Featured in column. Enjoyed a great deal. SEQUEL NOW PLEASE?

64. Barbara Hambly, Drinking Gourd. Severn House, 2016.

Another excellent instalment in the Benjamin January series of historical mysteries featuring a free man of colour in 1830s America.

65. E.E. Richardson, Spirit Animals. Abaddon, 2016.

Urban fantasy set in Yorkshire featuring a take-no-shit middle-aged DCI. Fun!

66. Daniel Godfrey, New Pompeii. Titan, 2016.

Reviewed at Utter bleh.

67. Simone Zelitch, Judenstaat. Tor, 2016.

A peculiar book. Reviewed at

68. Max Gladstone, Four Roads Cross. Tor, 2016. Forthcoming.

An amazing book. I'm supposed to review it for just as soon as I get my act together.

69. Melinda Snodgrass, The High Ground. Titan, 2016.

Fun space opera that should have irritated me more than it did. Covered in a column at (future).

70. Lois McMaster Bujold, Penric's Demon. Subterranean Press, 2016.

Kind, decent, encouraging little novella, first published as an electronic version last year. Covered in a future column.

71. Jo Walton, Necessity. Tor, 2016.

Review forthcoming from


72. Paul Cartledge, Democracy: A Life. Oxford 2016.

Reviewed at

73. Frank L. Holt, The Treasures of Alexander the Great. Oxford 2016.

Reviewed at

I may have missed one or two. It has been something of a difficult month, and before that things fall out of memory. But I think this gets me pretty much current.

(Now I just need to read and review ARABELLA OF MARS, THE WOLF ROADS, and CLOUDBOUND by Monday and we're laughing.)
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To Aphrodite

And whenever he wishes – for [Aphrodite] easily beguiles even his shrewd wits –
He has intercourse with mortal women doomed to death,
Out of sight of Hera, his sister and his spouse –
Her great form is best among the undying gods.
Crooked-counselling Kronos brought her, a most honoured woman, forth,
And so did mother Rheia: Zeus who’s versed in immortal counsels
Made her his spouse, since she knows diligence.
And to her [Aphrodite] Zeus gave in her heart sweet-tasting desire
To be joined in intercourse with a death-doomed mortal man, in order that swiftly
She herself might not be kept from a mortal marriage-bed,
And whenever laughter-loving Aphrodite, sweetly laughing,
Would say, boasting among all the gods,
how the gods mixed with mortal women,
And [mortal women] with immortals brought forth mortal sons,
Thus a goddess had intercourse with death-doomed mortals.

Gym log

Jun. 28th, 2016 07:24 pm
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Weigh-in: 108.9kg.

Benchpress: 1x5 @65kg, 1x5 @70kg, 3x5 @75kg, 1x5 @70kg
Squats: 5x5 @110kg
Physio exercise: 2x30 @25kg/leg
Lat raise: 3x10 @8kg/arm
Overhead press: 4x5 @20kg
Incline situps: 1x10, 1x6
Thing I forget the name of but involves triceps: 1x10, 2x5.

Gym log

Jun. 14th, 2016 07:29 pm
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Weigh-in: 107.9kg

Benchpress: 1x5 @65kg, 2x5 @70kg, 2x5 @75kg, 1x5 @70kg.
Squats: 4x8 @100kg
Lat raise: 3x10 @8kg/arm
Overhead press: 4x5 @20kg
Bicep curl: 3x5 @7kg/arm
Physio: 2x30/leg
Jump: 1x10
Incline situps: 1x15
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"Beyond Human Strength"

One cannot weep for the entire world: it is beyond human strength. One must choose. - Jean Anouilh (1954)

Love is. Love is. Love is.
Love wins. Love wins. It wins.
Please may it win yet.

"Love wins." Grief is all around.

I am not yet resigned
to the shutting away
of loving hearts

But the ground
is cold
and all the voices

I cannot speak
for my mouth
is stopped up with wanting
and my tongue is torn
and out of this silence
what is to be borne? It is too heavy
and too worn.

For years too worn
with wanting safety
and out of sorrow still
love wins and feeds yet
out of ashes sown in salt.

This grief belongs
in leaden caskets
with history and with the dead
this grief belongs
to love and daring - who dares
wins - who cares if
this grief is also mine?

And if this were a choice
I would not choose.

Gym log

Jun. 10th, 2016 11:47 pm
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Weigh-in: 108.9kg

Squats: 1x5 @100kg, 3x5 @110kg, 1x5 @115kg.
Lat raise: 3x10 @8kg/arm
Benchpress: 5x5 @70kg
Physio exercises: 2x30 per leg @25kg
Incline situps: 1x10, 1x5
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To Aphrodite

Nor are the works of Aphrodite pleasing to Hestia,
A modest girl, the one crooked-counselling Kronos brought forth
As firstborn and lastborn both: by the will of aegis-bearing Zeus
A queen that both Poseidon and Apollo wooed.
But she really didn’t want them. Instead she firmly denied them,
And, grasping the head of her father, aegis-bearing Zeus,
She swore a great oath – which has been fulfilled! –
To be a maiden among the goddesses for all her days.
Instead of a wedding, Father Zeus gave her noble gifts
And she took her seat in the middle of the household – having won the best part.
She has honour in all the temples of the gods,
And in the households of all mortals – the ones who bleed from their wounds –
She was made the most important of gods.
Aphrodite cannot persuade or deceive the hearts of these.
But there is no other who’s escaped her,
Not among the blessed gods, nor among death-doomed mortals.
She even makes thunder-delighting Zeus senseless,
Who’s mightiest of the mighty and who claims honour as his due.

Gym log

Jun. 7th, 2016 07:34 pm
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Weigh-in: 108kg

Benchpress: 1x5 @65kg, 1x5 @70kg, 1x5 @75kg, 1x5 @72.5kg, 1x5 @70kg, 3x5 @60kg
Squats: 1x10 @90kg, 1x6 @90kg
Jump-ups: 3x10
Physio exercises: 2x30 per leg @25kg
Overhead press: 4x5 @20kg
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To Aphrodite

lines 7-20:

But three hearts she can’t persuade, or deceive:
The daughter of aegis-bearing Zeus, Athena of the steel-blue-gleaming eyes,
For the deeds of gold-rich Aphrodite do not please her.
Instead battles delight her, and the business of Ares,
Combat and struggle and to partake of glorious deeds.
She first taught men upon the dark earth – craftsmen –
To make chariot-cars and bright-painted war-chariots with bronze.
Neither, ever, does laughter-loving Aphrodite overpower
In love loud-sounding Artemis, who bears a golden distaff.
The bow delights her, and to kill wild beasts in the hills,
And the lyre and the dance, and the far-reaching glad cries in women’s voices
And shady groves, and to chastise the cities of men.


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