Jan. 14th, 2017

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Books 2017: 1-4

1. Carrie Vaughn, Martians Abroad. Tor, 2017. Copy via Tor.com.

Read for review for Tor.com. Meh?

2. April Daniels, Dreadnought. Diversion Books, 2017. Copy via Tor.com.

Read for review for Tor.com. This is great! I like it LOTS.

3. Erica Cameron, Assassins: Nemesis. Triton/Riptide, 2017. Copy via Netgalley.

Okay. This is the sequel to Assassins: Discord which had QUEER FEMALE TEENAGE ASSASSINS in it, running thriller plot across the US. It wasn't the tightest or most sensible of plots, but it knew what kind of queer pulp it wanted to be, all right?

Nemesis moves to a couple of secondary/briefly-mentioned characters from Discord: Blake, the intersex teenage child of a murdered FBI agent, and Daelan, a nice geek-boy teenage vigilante bodyguard from a family of bodyguard-assassins. Boundaries! Murder! Saving each others' lives and maybe the world! Happy queer folks! Deliciously entertaining plot-relevant angst!

If you ever wanted queer vigilante teenage Jason Bourne, this is the book (this is the series) for you.

4. Ellen Kushner et al, Tremontaine Season One. Serial Box 2016/Saga Press 2017. Digital access via Serial Box.

Read for review for Locus. I like it. It feels like the best sort of fanfic.


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