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Books 2017: 43-49

43. Emma Newman, Brother's Ruin. Tor.com, 2017.

Read for column. Entertaining, if a bit weird.

44. Marie Brennan, Lightning in the Blood. Tor.com, 2017.

Read for review for Locus. I REALLY liked it.

45. Lois McMaster Bujold, Penric and the Shaman. Subterranean Press, 2017.

Read for column. Kind of perfectly exactly what I wanted.

46. Elizabeth Moon, Cold Welcome. Orbit/Del Rey, 2017.

Read for review. Meh.

47. Aliette de Bodard, The House of Binding Thorns. Gollancz/Ace, 2017.


48. Robyn Bennis, The Guns Above. Tor, 2017.

Read for review. A hell of a lot of fun.


49. Matthew Wright, The Lost Plays of Greek Tragedy: Volume 1: Neglected Authors. Bloomsbury, London, 2016.

I will have more to say about this later - I believe I will write something about it at length for Patreon, maybe. But it is really interesting and extremely accessible, and makes me want to learn more.
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Weigh-in: 107.5kg (I appear to have dropped weight. This is peculiar.)

Benchpress: 5x8 at 60kg
Squats: 1x5 at 100kg, 3x5 at 105kg, 1x5 at 110kg, 1x5 at 90kg
Overhead press: 5x5 at 25kg
Seated row: 5x8 at 40kg (maybe)
Lat raise: 3x10 at 8kg/arm
Bicep curl: 3x8 at 8kg/arm
Leg lifts: 4x10

Bike: 05:00 for 2km
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Books 2017: 37-42

37. Corey J. White, Killing Gravity. Tor.com, 2017. Forthcoming.

Read for review for Locus. A lot of fun.

38. Marie Brennan, Within the Sanctuary of Wings. Tor, 2017. Forthcoming.

Read for review for Tor.com. Great conclusion to the series.

39. Cassandra Khaw, Food of the Gods. Solaris, 2017. Forthcoming.

Read for review for Locus. Interesting. Gruesome. Really pretty good.

40. Cynthia Ward, The Adventure of the Incognita Countess. Aqueduct Press, 2017.

Novella. Read for column. A hell of a lot of fun, in a gothic style that reminds me of Penny Dreadful.

41. Aliette de Bodard, The Citadel of Weeping Pearls. Ebook, 2015/2017.

Novella. Read for column. Set in the same continuity as On a Red Station, Drifting. Really good.


42. Mark S. Thompson, Wellington's Engineers: Military Engineering in the Peninsular War 1808-1814. Pen & Sword Books, Barnsley Yorks., 2015.

An interesting topic: a mediocre execution. I will have more to say later.
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Weigh-in: 108kg

Benchpress: 5x5 at 60kg, 1x3 at 80kg, 1x8 at 60kg, 1x6 at 60kg
Back squats: 1x10 at 60kg, 2x10 at 80kg
Front squats: 3x5 at 40kg
Seated row: 4x10 at 40kg (probably: I can't figure out the weights on the machine)
Military press: 3x10 at 5kg/arm
Lat raise: 5x5 at 7kg/arm
Leg lifts: 4x10

Bike machine: 4km in 10:40 minutes.
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Benchpress: 1x5 at 60kg, 4x5 at 65kg, 1x1 at 80kg, 2x5 at 60kg
Squats: 1x5 at 100kg, 4x5 at 102.5kg.
Overhead press: 3x5 at 25kg, 2x5 at 20kg
Bicep curl with bar: 5x5 at 22.5kg
Lat raise: 3x10 at 8kg/arm
One-leg squats: 3x5 at 8kg/arm
Leg lifts: 4x10

Bike machine: 5:00 mines, 2km.
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Benchpress: 5x5 @60kg, 1x2 @75kg.

Cycling: 5.75km in 16:00
Rowing: 10:00 minutes.
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Books 2017: 35-36

35. Nnedi Okorafor, Binti: Home. Tor.com Publishing, 2017.

Read for column. Good novella.


36. Eratosthenes and Hyginus, Constellation Myths, with Aratus's Phaenomena. Oxford University Press, Oxford and New York, 2015. Translated by Robin Hard.

This is a peculiar entry in the Oxford World's Classics series. It is structured oddly, such that I cannot figure if it follows the schema of one of the original authors while interspersing bits of the other, or whether the translator has separated out bits according to his own schema. However, the constellation myths themselves are very interesting as playfully literary creations, and Aratus's Phaenomena includes some really fascinating weather advice.
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Books 2017: 32-34

32. Erika Lewis, Game of Shadows. Tor, 2017. Copy via publisher.

Read for review. Er. Eeep. WTF.

33. Mahvesh Murad and Jared Shurin, eds., The Djinn Falls In Love & other stories. Solaris, 2017.

Read for review for Tor.com. Really excellent anthology.


34. Ibn Fadhlan, Ibn Fadhlan and the Land of Darkness: Arab Travellers in the Far North. Penguin Classics, 2012. Translated with an introduction by Paul Lunde and Caroline Stone.

Ibn Fadhlan left an account of his journey from Baghdad to the court of the Bulghar khan in 921 CE. (The account of his return journey doesn't survive.) Full of precise observations and surprisingly little judgment - and a certain amount of what comes across as good-humoured honesty - this is really lovely medieval travel writing. It includes the only eye-witness description of a Viking boat funeral in the lands of the Rus.

Ibn Fadhlan's account takes up a little less than half the book. The remainder is given over to extracts from other Arabic travel writers (or compilers of geographic information) who deal with the far north or with people from the far north, such as Vikings. These are usually far less self-aware and precise than Ibn Fadhlan, but fascinating in their own right.

(I really like the Arabic literature of the medieval period, at least as much of it as I've been able to read in English translation. It'd be really cool to have a good translation of Ibn Hayyan, you know. Or ibn Rusta. Hell, Mas'udi.)
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Weigh-in: 109kg

Benchpress: 3x5 at 60kg, 5x5 at 65kg
Squats: 5x5 at 100kg
Leg lifts: 4x10
Overhead press: 4x5 at 20kg
Lat raise: 3x10 at 8kg/arm
Bicep curl w/curl bar: 1x5 at 20kg, 4x8 at 20kg
Single leg squats with 8kg/arm weights: 3x5 per leg
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Books 2017: 26-31

26. Thea de Salle King of Bourbon Street. Ebook, 2017.

Explicit romance. Also very funny.

27. Kij Johnson, The Dream-Quest of Vellitt Boe. Tor.com Publishing, 2016.

Read for column. Really good.

28. Ruthanna Emrys, Winter Tide. Tor.com Publishing, 2017.

Read for review. Really excellent.

29. Alex Wells, Hunger Makes The Wolf. Angry Robot, 2017.

Read for review. Really good fun space planetary Western. There's a train job!

30. John Scalzi, The Collapsing Empire. Tor, 2017.

Read for fun and maybe later review. Space opera in Scalzi's trademark breezy voice. Very entertaining popcorn.

31. Joe McDermott, The Fortress At The End Of Time. Tor.com Publishing, 2017.

Read for review. I want that hour of my life back.
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Weigh-in: 110kg.

Squats: 1x5 @90kg, 4x5 @100kg, 1x5 @90kg.
Benchpress: 1x5 @60kg, 4x5 @65kg, 1x5 @60kg.
Leg lifts: 4x10
Lat raise: 3x10 @6kg/arm
Bicep curl: 1x5 @15kg, 4x5 @20kg

Short enough session, but it's my first day back after being ill.
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Books 2017: 18-25

18. Kameron Hurley, The Stars Are Legion. Angry Robot, 2017.

Read for Locus and for column. A fascinatingly squishy space opera, which Hurley has been promoting as LESBIANS IN SPACE (it is). It's less of a mess than her fantasy, and a lot more fun, although Hurley does sometimes confuse brutal for interesting.

19. Jacqueline Carey, Miranda and Caliban. Tor, 2017.

Read for review. A retelling of The Tempest. Honestly, I don't see the point of a novel that spends so much time dwelling on an abusive parent-child relationship that doesn't ever allow the victim of the abuse to get away. NOT my cup of tea.

20. Lara Elena Donnelly, Amberlough. Tor, 2017.

Read for column. Fascism and amoral gay boys in love. Promising debut.

21. Ada Palmer, Seven Surrenders. Tor, 2017.

Read for review. It doesn't quite succeed in living up to the promise of the first volume, which is a shame, but together Too Like The Lightning and Seven Surrenders make a very promising debut.

22. Caitlín R. Kiernan, Agents of Dreamland. Tor.com Publishing, 2017.

Read for review. Creepy Lovecraftian horror novella. Not exactly my jam. Also parasitic mind-controlling fungus.

23. Justine Saracen, The Sniper's Kiss. Bold Strokes Books, 2017.

A romance novel involving women who love women set during WWII. A Russian-speaking American clerk in the Lend-Lease programme and a Russian soldier, later a sniper, encounter each other first during international meetings about the Lend-Lease programme. Later, the American clerk gets into trouble investigating corruption on the Russian end of the Lend-Lease problem and ends up at the front, where she disguises herself as a dead Russian sniper and partners with the live Russian sniper. Saracen has done her research: the WWII setting feels believable. The characters are reasonably well-rounded, the relationships make sense in context, and the writing is better than tolerable. As F/F romances go, it's definitely in the top 10%, particularly for historical ones.

(I always feel sad judging F/F on these particular merits. But in any given month where I look at six or eight F/F books from Netgalley and at best only half of them are even readable, they are certainly the merits.)

24. Yolanda Wallace, Divided Nation, United Hearts. Bold Strokes Books, 2017.

A romance novel involving women who love women set during the American Civil War. One disguises herself as a man in order to fight for the Union, the other is trying to keep a farm running while her father and brother are fighting for the Confederacy. I finished it: it's not a particularly good novel, but it is an entertaining tropetastic mess.


25. Hubert Wolf, The Nuns of Sant'Ambrogio: The True Story of a Convent Scandal. Vintage, 2015. Translated from the German by Ruth Martin.

I first heard of this book via Lady Business, where it was spoken of in very complimentary terms. I can confirm that it is extremely solid history writing, clear and thorough and immensely readable: the kind of history where you keep reading in order to find out just what happened next.

Wolf deals with a particular convent scandal, one that took place in the convent of Sant'Ambrogio in Rome and was investigated as a result of a complaint made by the German Catholic Princess Katarina von Hohenzollern to the Holy Office for the Doctrine of the Faith (the office of the Inquisition). Katarina had entered the convent as a postulant and then a novice (after two marriages and a previous unsuccessful attempt to become a nun in a different convent) and came to believe that she was being poisoned by the sisters of Sant'Ambrogio, as a result of her opposition to certain practices she believed were entirely improper.

Wolf draws on several archival sources, including the Inquisition's own files and the testimony of the witnesses and defendants in the case, to illuminate the life of the Hohenzollern princess, the convent, the other nuns, Church politics, and the case itself. False saints, poisonings, political manoeuvring in the Jesuit order, the curia, and the papacy, Solicitatio by priests in confession, sexual assault of novices, female sodomy: this is history mixed with true crime, and Wolf lays it all out in fascinating detail.

Including a good deal of detail on how the Inquisition actually investigated the charges laid before it, which is fascinating in its own right.
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Weigh-in: 110kg. (Yesterday the doctor's scale had me at 112kg.)

Benchpress: 1x5 at 60kg, 1x5 at 65kg, 4x5 at 70kg, 1x5 at 65kg, 1x5 at 60kg.
Squats: 5x5 at 95kg
Deadlift: 5x5 at 60kg
Bicep curl with bar: 5x5 at 25kg
Military press: 3x8 at 7kg/arm
Lat raise: 3x10 at 8kg/arm
Leg lifts: 3x10.
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Books 2017: 5-17

5. Jennifer Fulton, Passion Bay. Bold Strokes Books, 2008. Ebook.

Acquired free via Kobo. F/F romance, miscommunications, tropical islands, family secrets. Mediocre.

6. Jennifer Fulton, Dark Dreamer. Bold Strokes Books, 2006. Ebook.

Haunted house. F/F romance. Sexy twins next door, one of whom consults for the FBI because dead people talk to her. Mediocre.

7. Jennifer Fulton, Dark Valentine. Bold Strokes Books, 2007. Ebook.

FF romance. Rape victim has a one-night stand with a criminal defence lawyer. Further contact results in falling in love. But oops! Criminal defence lawyer turns out to be defending her rapist. Pretty decent, I guess.

8. Jennifer Fulton, Dark Garden. Bold Strokes Books, 2009. Ebook.

FF romance. Two descendants of feuding families, secrets, lies, manipulations. Mediocre.

9. Jennifer Fulton, More Than Paradise. Bold Strokes Books, 2007. Ebook.

FF romance. Scientist meets mercenary in Papua New Guinea. Mediocre.

10. Jennifer Fulton, Naked Heart. Bold Strokes Books, 2008. Ebook.

FF romance. Scientist meets spy. Personal betrayals insufficiently addressed. Mediocre.

11. Jennifer Fulton writing as Grace Lennox, Not Single Enough. Bold Strokes Books, 2007. Ebook.

FF romance. Woman who really wants love meets single cop. Mediocre.

12. Jennifer Fulton writing as Grace Lennox, Chance. Bold Strokes Books, 2006. Ebook.

FF romance, ish. Kind of all over the place.

13. L.J. Cohen, Derelict. Interrobang Books, 2014. Ebook, copy courtesy of the author.

Read for column. Space opera, feels YA in tone.

14. Kate Elliott, The Poisoned Blade. Little Brown, 2016.

Read for column. Second book in trilogy, REALLY GOOD, I saved it for when I needed to read it most. Excellent stuff.

15. Sarah Fine, The Imposter Queen. McElderry Books, 2016.

Read for column. Solid fantasy novel, YA.

16. Jean Johnson, First Salik War: The Terrans. Ace, 2015.

Read for column. Ridiculous space opera. Fun.


17. Arrian, The Campaigns of Alexander. Penguin Books, 1971. Translated by Aubrey de Sélincourt.

A fairly elderly (over fifty years old) translation of Arrian's account of the campaigns of Alexander. Straightforward, with interesting anecdotes.
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Weigh-in: 110kg

Benchpress: 1x5 at 60kg, 1x5 at 65kg, 3x5 at 70kg, 1x4 at 70kg, 1x5 at 65kg, 1x5 at 60kg.
Leg lifts: 3x10
Back squat: 5x5 at 95kg
Lat raise: 3x10 at 8kg/arm
Overhead press: 4x5 at 20kg
Bicep curl with bar: 2x5 at 25kg, 3x5 at 20kg
Deadlift: 5x5 at 50kg.
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Books 2017: 1-4

1. Carrie Vaughn, Martians Abroad. Tor, 2017. Copy via Tor.com.

Read for review for Tor.com. Meh?

2. April Daniels, Dreadnought. Diversion Books, 2017. Copy via Tor.com.

Read for review for Tor.com. This is great! I like it LOTS.

3. Erica Cameron, Assassins: Nemesis. Triton/Riptide, 2017. Copy via Netgalley.

Okay. This is the sequel to Assassins: Discord which had QUEER FEMALE TEENAGE ASSASSINS in it, running thriller plot across the US. It wasn't the tightest or most sensible of plots, but it knew what kind of queer pulp it wanted to be, all right?

Nemesis moves to a couple of secondary/briefly-mentioned characters from Discord: Blake, the intersex teenage child of a murdered FBI agent, and Daelan, a nice geek-boy teenage vigilante bodyguard from a family of bodyguard-assassins. Boundaries! Murder! Saving each others' lives and maybe the world! Happy queer folks! Deliciously entertaining plot-relevant angst!

If you ever wanted queer vigilante teenage Jason Bourne, this is the book (this is the series) for you.

4. Ellen Kushner et al, Tremontaine Season One. Serial Box 2016/Saga Press 2017. Digital access via Serial Box.

Read for review for Locus. I like it. It feels like the best sort of fanfic.
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Weigh-in: 110kg

Benchpress 1x5 @60kg, 3x5 @70kg, 1x5 @72.5kg, 1x5 @65kg
Back squat: 1x5 @90kg, 3x5 @95kg, 1x5 @90kg
Leg lifts: 3x10
Overhead press: 4x5 @20kg
Lat raise: 3x10 @8kg/arm
Bicep curl with bar: 5x5 @20kg
Deadlift: 5x5 @50kg
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Weigh-in: 110kg

Benchpress: 1x5 @60kg, 1x5 @65kg, 3x5 @67.5kg, 1x5 @60kg
Back squats: 5x5 @90kg
Front squats: 3x5 @25kg
Overhead press: 4x5 @20kg
Bicep curl w/bar: 1x5 @20kg, 4x5 @25kg
Lat raise: 3x10 @8kg/arm
Deadlift: 3x8 @40kg
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Books 2016: 184-190

184. Max Gladstone et al, Bookburners Season 1. Serial Box, 2016.

Read for review for Locus.

185. Laura Anne Gilman, The Cold Eye. Saga, 2017. Copy courtesy of the publisher.

Read for review for Tor.com. I have meh feelings. It is a very slow book.

186. Ellen Klages, Passing Strange. Tor.com Publishing, 2017. Copy courtesy of the publisher.

Wow. This is really good.

187. Ann Aptaker, Genuine Gold. Bold Strokes Books, 2017. E-ARC via Netgalley.

A novel of lesbians and crime in 1950s New York. Entertaining, if peculiar.

188. Gun Brooke, Exodus: Escape. Bold Strokes Books, 2017. E-ARC via Netgalley.

Terrible FF science fiction romance. Readable, I guess.

189. Ali Vali, The Devil's Due. Bold Strokes Books, 2017. E-ARC via Netgalley.

A novel of crime families and lesbians, set in post-Katrina New Orleans. Entertaining, if also peculiar.

190. Cari Hunter, A Quiet Death. Bold Strokes Books, 2017. E-ARC via Netgalley.

The more of Hunter's novels I read, the more I like her work. This one is a fairly gruesome crime novel with murder and sex trafficking, but it's solid crime novel.
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Benchpress: 3x5 @60kg, 4x5 @65kg
Leg raises: 4x10
Lat raise: 3x10 @8kg/arm
Military press: 3x10 @5kg/arm
Bicep curl with bar: 5x5 @20kg
Deadlift: 5x5 @40kg
Back squats: 5x5 @90kg
Front squats: 3x5 @40kg


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