Apr. 2nd, 2012

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Niall Harrison tallies gender percentages over at Strange Horizons for the second year in a row.

As for me, my own paid reviews break out roughly fifty-fifty. My personal reading, less so, but that's pulled off by the nonfiction gender ratios.

So, hmm, let's do better?
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Did I mention I saw a tortoise yesterday? Two tortoises, actually: one sitting in his shell in the middle of one of the gravel paths up Lykavittos hill, and the other, somewhat larger, trundling along through long grass in the underbrush. He (or she) was making a good clip, too: I'm always surprised that tortoises aren't, in fact, all that slow.

(Tortoises are cool. I never get past that sudden shock of cool, it's a living fossil! when I see one. They have armour.)

I spent today working on a required Plan Of Work For Academic Year 2012-2013 for my mandatory progress review. I finished it, too. It only took me six hours to write not quite the thousand mandatory words. (Actually, I have something like 850. I doubt they will count individually.)

I have a review to write for Strange Horizons, on Juliet E. McKenna's Dangerous Waters and Darkening Skies. My resounding feeling about these books is meh, why should I care?

Also, I am tired. Lonely. Feeling very isolated. I've burned through my fun paperback reading in the last three weeks, and what's left is either work or the next best thing. And ebooks, pleasant as they are, just aren't so comfortable for reading on the couch when one's laptop is one's ereader.

I want to whine. So tell me something good?


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