Sep. 25th, 2012

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Books 2012: 179

179. Jim C. Hines, Libriomancer. DAW, 2012.

I started Libriomancer last night, intending to read a few pages and put it down - for I knew I had to get up in the dark this morning. Despite my resolution, though, I kept reading through to the end. Libriomancer is a geek's book. A skiffy-reader's joy, an entertaining rollercoaster: perhaps a little self-indulgently genre-referential, but easy to forgive. I will say I was worried about the dryad, briefly... but I should've trusted Hines. The man's got good form.

An excellent book, well-characterised, occasionally funny with surprising moments of depth. Definitely recommended.
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Arose 0645hrs, in the rainy dark before dawn.

Wrote some few words of fiction on the train this morning. Finished a short column post. Went to Greek class and made the horrifying discovery that we're going to be looking at Hellenistic poetry. Wrote 500 words on the thesis.

Went to the gym. Gym crowded by undergraduates, curse them. Mile in 10:40, treadmill, intervals. 33km in 35:00, exercise bike resistance 8. Benchpress: 2x6reps @30kg (+bar), 1x5reps @25kg (+bar), 1x5reps @20kg (+bar). Bicep curl: 3x8reps @20kg (10kg/hand). Other free weight stuff. Rowing, 5:00. Cool-down run, 0.6 miles in 7:00, intervals.

Wrote c. 1/3rd review on train home, in the post-twilight rainy dark. I shall attempt to work on it some more in the next hour, before exhaustion crashes me.

Mass according to gym scales: between 102 and 103kg.


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