Dec. 20th, 2012

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Until I came home to check my email, at least. My Postgraduate Funding Progress Report is due by January 31, and if it is found unsatisfactory, reimbursement of moneys will be sought.

This is the last thing my anxiety needed to hear.

Although I bought holiday gifts and went to the gym - at last - so up until then, it was a pretty good day. Managed some exercise biking - 5K - and a stagger on the treadmill, which turned to be pathetic intervals: my wind is gone, and it was as much as I could manage to cover 2 miles in 29 minutes. (Fifteen minute miles. Goddamn, I could hike faster than that. Or I used to be able to.)

Benchpressed 10kg plus the bar, though, without the Smith cage. So that feels good.

Books 2012: 266-269

266. Jennifer Crusie, Faking It. Ebook from Kobo.

So, that happened. Funny quirky comedy-of-errors romance. I enjoyed it surprisingly well.

267. Marie Lu, Legend. Publication details not to hand.

YA dystopia, well-written if a touch slight. High angst quotient. People who like this sort of thing (which sometimes includes me) will like this.

268. James P. Blaylock, The Aylesford Skull. Titan Books, 2012. Review copy from Titan Books.

Longer review forthcoming from, eventually in internet time and shortly in real-life time. A novel in the mode of eighties steampunk, languorous of pace, involving a nemesis in the mode of Professor Moriarty with cameos from Arthur Conan Doyle. It didn't hit my kinks, but it's not a bad book.


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