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Books 2011: 137-145

137. Kelley Armstrong, Made To Be Broken.

Non-genre thriller/crime novel. Pretty good, if a little bland.

138. Juliet E. McKenna, Irons in the Fire.

I did not find this thrilling. Bland, and too involved in the logistics of organising a revolution rather than character and emotions.

139. Kim Harrison, Black Magic Sanction.

Second-to-latest Rachel Morgan novel. Pretty much fits the pattern of the series as a whole, wherein Rachel goes from one bad scrape to a worse one at high speed and with plenty of magical explosions. Entertaining.

140. Sherman Alexie, The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian.

A good book, but not a me-book. Brilliantly written and with a black sense of humour, it just doesn't punch any of my narrative kinks.

141. Kate Elliott, Shadow Gate.

Sequel to Spirit Gate. Epic fantasy with giant flying eagles and politics and strange magic. A little slow and sprawling to really hook me, but nonetheless interesting and entertaining.

142. Barbara Hamilton, aka Barbara Hambly, Sup With The Devil.

Abigail Adams investigates more murderous mysteries in 1770s Boston. It is a well-constructed mystery, excellently written, but I don't find this historical period and location so fascinating as to truly love the Abigail Adams books.

143. Jim Butcher, Ghost Story.

Butcher writes good story, and this particular Harry Dresden installment has interesting and compelling twists. It is, however, a tad on the gloomy side.

144. Cherie Priest, Ganymede.

Third "Clockword Century" novel, after Dreadnought and Boneshaker. I like it less than either, but it is by no means a bad book. Set in Texas-occupied New Orleans and starring pirate Andan Cly, madam Josephine Early, and a newly-invented submersible weapon, it's worth the read.

145. Michelle Sagara, Cast in Ruin.

Latest of the Elantra books, and relies upon knowledge of the previous volumes. If you liked the earlier books, you'll like this one. Me, I enjoyed it exceedingly.
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