Oct. 23rd, 2011

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Books 2011: 155-166

155-156: Jack McDevitt, Echo and Firebird.

The fifth and sixth entries, respectively, in McDevitt's Alex Benedict series. Archaeology in space: good fun if occasionally slow, and McDevitt sometimes puts my feminist hackles up.

157-158: Barbara Hambly, Those Who Hunt The Night and Travelling With The Dead.

Ebooks. First two in the James Asher series. Pre-war ambience, great characterisation, really creepy serious vampires. Strongly recommended.

159-160. Linnea Sinclair, Hope's Folly and Rebels and Lovers.

Romantic space operas. I would have preferred less romance and more space adventure, but one cannot have everthing that one desires. It is bad for one's character, or so I am told.

161-165. Susan R. Matthews, Prisoner of Conscience, Hour of Judgement, The Devil and Deep Space, and Warring States.

Four books set in Matthews' Jurisdiction universe, following on from An Exchange of Hostages and starring Andrej Kosciusko, Chief Medical Officer and Jurisdiction Inquisitor. They are sharp, brilliant, emotionally wrenching and frequently brutal space opera, of a kind I hardly dared dream of finding.

They are all, also, sadly out of print: 2005's Warring States is the last one, and I rather fear that the series has been orphaned of a publisher.

I recommend them exceedingly.


166. Cicero, Political Speeches. Oxford World's Classics, Oxford University Press, Oxford, 2009. Translated by D.H. Berry.

A selection of Cicero's speeches, including Pro Marcello, In Verrum I and IV, and one of the Phillipics, as well as some of the speeches against Cataline. Interesting oratory, fascinating politcal invective, has no relevance for my thesis but it was entertaining.
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Happy birthday, [livejournal.com profile] etumukutenyak.


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