Mar. 24th, 2012

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The internet here kept dropping off yesterday and the day before. I hope it's better now - it seems to be working, at least.

So, yesterday. I spent the late morning and early afternoon in the library of the Ecole Francais, making my thesis grow some more. Making the thesis grow is tiring. It takes much concentration.

Then there was dinner with several Irish archaeologists. An evening that went on for six hours and culminated in an orange-fight between the road and our hosts' balcony as we were leaving. I haven't laughed so much or had so much fun in a donkey's age, I swear. I'm still slightly breathless from it.

I should try to get back into an exercise regime. Which means going for a walk, at the very least. (I cannot simply sit inside all day.)
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Operation See The Hunger Games accomplished. (I negotiated for my ticket in Greek and everything.)

That was a good film, despite the cinema sticking a bloody intermission in the middle of it. I'm impressed with the translation of the novel to the big screen: it feels very faithful. The first part of the film, up until the start of the titular Games proper, hits the emotional beats incredibly well, as does the dénouement. The Games themselves are well-paced and well shot, but I think the director backed off from some of the emotional ugliness there - the beats fell off, but I'm not quite sure I can put my finger on why.

Jennifer Lawrence has turned in a fantastic, nuanced performance. The only other things I've seen her in are Winter's Bone (quietly, understatedly, wrenchingly brilliant) and the hot mess that was X-Men First Class, which despite excellent performances from her and Fassbender and the other guy never quite managed to cohere into anything good.

Also, if anyone, oh, for example, wanted to gift me with the soundtrack for my birthday or something? I liked that soundtrack. I mean, a little overblown at points, but pretty decent.

Go see the film. It's pretty damn good. And has women! Who talk to each other!

Tomorrow I will have other things to say. About things like books, and Rizzoli & Isles and other suchlike matters. Until soon!


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