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Books 2011: 169-171

169. Chris Wooding, The Iron Jackal.

Absolutely brilliant. Look for a review from Tor.com soonish. In the meantime, go out and read it.


170. Procopius, The Secret History. Penguin Classics, London, 2007. Translated by G.A. Williamson, revised by Peter Sarris.

In which Procopius tells us how utterly terrible and sluttish were the two leading women of the Roman empire in the 6th century CE; how ruled by his wife was the general Belisarius; how greedy and appalling was the emperor Justinian, and how hard-done-by were lawyers (of whom Procopius was one).

Fascinating, if a little excessively on the side of savage invective.

171. Cicero, The Republic and the Laws. Oxford World's Classics, Oxford University Press, Oxford, 1998. Translated by Niall Rudd.

And so we see how a Roman aristocrat viewed the world. Interesting, although the Republic is very fragmentary. The Roman constitution is the Best Ever! and so are the Roman laws, most of them.

Not a lot of entertainment value in this, I think, though it might prove useful for reference yet.

My busy life, let me show you it: This Saturday I have an intro to Coaching course for karate, so I can't train; next week I have colloquium, so I can't train; and the following Saturday I grade for dan.

Since I figured this out, I have been walking around muttering kata sequences to myself and occasionally making wavey motions in the air. Dear people on the train platform tonight: I'm not mad! Just... preoccupied.


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