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Jun. 25th, 2015 06:37 pm
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Benchpress: 1x5 @65kg, 2x5 @67.5kg, 2x3 @60kg.
Military press: 3x10 @5kg/arm
Lat raise: 3x8 @7.5kg/arm.
Pathetic pull-up attempts: 3x5
Decline situps: 15
Jumping jack pushups: 5.

Cycling: 10km in 27:00.

Running: Intervals of 3x 01:00 @11kph.

That's the first time in many months that I have trust my ankle enough to run on it at all, really. It's a little tender now, but god that felt good.

Weigh-in: 108.8kg.
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...despite it being one of the most gorgeous days of summer outside.

Benchpress: 2x5 @67.5kg, 2x5 @70kg, and a nice bloke called Nikil was kind enough to spot me for one of those 70kg sets. (I am always nervy about asking the lads to spot me. It reminds me of how much I stand out in the main weights area as one of maybe two female-bodied people.)
Assisted pullup: 2x5 @25kg assist
Pullup: attempted, failed
Exercise bike: 12km in 32:10.
Rowing machine: 1km in 05:00
Treadmill: intervals, a mess. Still, I tried.

I think the ligament in my right ankle is a bit fucked up again. Tenderness around the Achilles tendon and over the top of the ankle joint. I need to see if I can make a physio appointment, because clearly my exercises for attempting to strengthen it aren't working on my own.
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Today began at 1000, after five and a half hours' sleep, when my mother bounced into my bedroom and said GET UP IT IS WARM AND THE TIDE IS GOING OUT LET'S GO SWIM, or words to that effect.

(It was emotional bouncing, even if no physical bouncing actually occurred.)

This is how I came to be standing thigh deep in the Irish Sea before 1030, awake for less than a half hour, my entire bodily frame much less enthusiastic than usual about this whole cold, wet business. A mist was rolling in, and a group of regular strong swimmers were also about in the water - water clear and grey-green when you open your eyes under it.

I swam even more weakly and pathetically than usual, but I swam.

Then I went to town to spend the afternoon in the library, chasing citations, before hitting the gym for a good session.

Benchpress: 1x5 @65kg, 1x5 @67.5kg, 2x5 @70kg, with a spotter.
Assisted pullup: 2x5 @25kg assist.
Unassisted pullup: attempt x5, nope.
Squat: 2x5 @20kg
Military press: 3x10 @4kg/arm
Shoulder fly: 3x10 @6kg/arm
Leg press: 3x10 @80kg
Treadmill: 0.5 mile in 05:00, constant running; 1.00 mile in 13:00, intervals.
Exercise bike: 35:00, in excess of 12km
Second treadmill: 3 intervals of 00:40 at 12.5kph, rest intervals 01:00.
Rowing machine: 1km in 05:30
Third treadmill: 02:00 incline, slow jog.

Now my knuckles hurt, but at least I've had an exercise. Benched more today than I did last week, which is something.
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Second time this week, gymming accomplished.

Benchpress: 2x5@70kg, 2x5@65kg.
Military press: 3x10 @4kg/arm
Shoulder fly: 3x10 @6kg/arm
Attempted pull-ups: failed
Assisted pull-up: 1x5 @30kg assist
Bicep curl: 3x10 @7kg/arm

First treadmill: 05:00 continuous run, mile in 12:00 intervals.
Cycling: 12km in 32:10.
Rowing: 1km in 05:40
Second treadmill: intervals at 12.5km/h, 2 intervals of 00:30 with 01:00 walking, 3 intervals of 00:20 with 01:00 walking.


Weigh-in: 109.9kg.
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Benchpress: 2x5 @70kg, 2x5 @65kg.
Assisted pull-up: 3x5 @25kg assist
Leg press: 3x10 @80kg
Military press: 3x10 @4kg/arm
Chest fly: 3x10 @6kg/arm
Bicep curl: 3x10 @7kg/arm

Exercise bike: 35:00, 12km and change
Treadmill: intervals, a mess. Went back and managed to run four minutes together @10kph, which is better than I've managed in a while.
Rowing machine: 6:00, 1km.
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Today I went to the library. And to the gym.

Benchpress: 1x5 @65kg, 2x5 @70kg, 1x7 @60kg.
Treadmill: 2km in 14:40, or a mile in 12:00 at intervals.
Exercise bike: 11km in 30:00
Military press: 3x10 @4kg/arm
Chest fly: 2x10, 1x8 @6kg/arm
Rowing machine: 1km in 05:30
Treadmill: 3:30 of programme with gradients, continuous, very slow jog.

Maybe eventually I'll get my wind back. In the meantime, I'm not too unhappy with a little progress.
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And yesterday I swam in a sea that was only just beginning to attract its summer complement of common jellyfish, and ate a panini in a lovely café in the sunlight afterwards.

And today the sun is still shining, and I bought myself new teas in advance of my birthday (because if I don't get myself something nice there'll be no prezzie at all), and then I went to the gym.

Benchpress: 1x5 @60kg, 3x5 @62.5kg
Leg press: 1x10 @90kg, 2x10 @86kg
Lat extension: 2x10 @5kg/arm
Seated chest press: 3x8 @8kg/arm
Bicep curl 3x5 @12kg/arm
Some other things with small weights, whose names presently escape me.
Treadmill: 1.6km in 12:00 intervals
Exercise bike: 11km in 30:00
Rowing machine: 1km in 05:30
Treadmill: 03:25 minutes on a programme with increasing gradient

Maybe one day I'll get my running back.


Jun. 25th, 2014 06:32 pm
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I haven't been adulting so well the last couple of days. Today I made it to a social engagement - coffee! - during which C. was his usual reassuring self and made me actually feel good about my thesis. Damn, but I owe that man.

I went to the gym. Actually managed to do a mile on the treadmill in intervals in 12:00. 10km on the exercise bike in 30:00. A tiny bit of weights: benchpress, 4x5 @60kg.

Now I ought to make the to-do list for the week that I failed to make on Sunday evening and try to figure out how to catch up on my adulting. And go home and wash the catfood bowls.
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So I went to the gym. And to the library. This is like work, yes?


Treadmill: mile in 13:10 in intervals.
Exercise bike: 7.1km in 20:00
Rowing machine: 1km in 6:00

Benchpress: 4x6 @60kg
Assisted pullup: faily 3x5 @30kg assist
Some other minor weights in single sets, because tired.

A thing happened today that - along with the sunlight and marvelous blue skies - made me feel remarkably happy, and, y'know, welcome. I ordered a soup at Insomnia Café on Nassau St., and it turned out that this black bean soup (which smelled gorgeous) should probably have been labelled "black bean and chili soup." I can't eat chili, so I abandoned the soup as a lost cause and went and got a panini there instead.

Halfway through my panini, one of the nice people who work there came over and gave me back the money for my uneaten soup. Just because. Without me asking or hinting or even (I don't think) looking sad.

That about made my day.
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I haven't yet had a painkiller today. But I have had a haircut. And gone to the gym.

Gym: 1 mile in 13 minutes, intervals, treadmill.
10km in 27:30, exercise bike.
4x5 @60kg, benchpress.
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Two 0.5km intervals on the treadmill, 3mins each.

2x5 @60kg benchpress
2x5 @65kg benchpress
2x5 @30kg assist assisted pullup
1x4 @30kg assist assisted pullup
3x10 @6kg/arm chest fly
2x10 incline situp

15mins exercise bike, resistance 8, 5km.

ETA: Forgot legpress.

1x10 @73kg legpress.
2x10 @80kg legpress.
1x10 @86kg legpress.
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Treadmill: 4 minutes at 7mph.

Exercise bike: 15 minutes at resistance 14.

Rowing machine: 5 minutes at resistance 10.

Assisted pull-up: 4x5 at 30kg assist.

Benchpress: 1x5 @60kg. 1x4 @70kg. 1x2 @75kg. 1x1 @77.5kg. Not actually in that order. Also there were a couple of reps at 65kg, but I can't remember if they were two or three.

Mass: 109.2-109.3kg

It is the night of the solstice. May the sun return. Preferably soon.
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15:00 treadmill, with 07:00 minutes running at 7mph (intervals).

15:00 exercise bike: 4.2km at resistance 15 out of a goal of 5km.

15:00 rowing machine: 5.25km out of a goal of 6km.

Mass: 109.5-109.8kg.

I should probably talk about more than to-do lists and the gym, but it would probably be mostly whining. So I'll wait.
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Treadmill: 15:00, mile in intervals in 13:00. Total time spent actually running: 5:00.

Exercise bike: 15:00 at resistance 15, total distance 4km and change.

Rowing machine: 15:00 max resistance: torture.

Mass: 109.7-109.9kg.

Hopefully regular exercise and cutting down my snacking habits will result in a diminution of mass. Ideally, one day, I will weigh in around 95kg again, but I'd settle for 100kg. (I do not like the way 110kg feels: I'm uncomfortable on the treadmill, and doing situps.) So we'll see how that works out over the next couple of months: there's too much else going on for me to do anything time-consuming and finicky like actually count calories, but we'll see.
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Life does continue.

Yesterday I arranged to get photographs of my grandmother made and framed. It was about all I succeeded in doing, and at that, was more than I achieved on Sunday.

Today I went to town and wrote 600 words of thesis chapter. Dropped in on my supervisor: she showed me a video of a 1919 dance by Denis Shawn, "Gnossien," inspired by things Minoan, and arranged to see her next week to discuss the chapters I sent her in October.

Went to the gym, too. Managed a mile in intervals over fifteen minutes, fifteen minutes of cycling, and 3 sets of 6 reps and 1 set of 5 reps on the benchpress, at 60kg. I weighed in at 110kg, and reconfirmed my own feeling that this is at least 10kg too heavy: it doesn't feel good on the bike or the treadmill, and it really doesn't feel good on incline crunches.

Anyway. Hopefully tomorrow I can get up earlier and do more and actually attend the Classics seminar, and start being more present in my academic life.
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Today, for the first time in a very long time, after the fatigue and weird shit antibiotic stuff wore off a little, I felt moved to go outside and try to run.

I wasn't very ambitious. I suspect the distance to be around 500m. It took three minutes, and although it didn't hurt my legs much... well, my wind is shot, let's put it that way. I gasped like a fish. I salivated buckets. My teeth hurt. I'm still wheezing and coughing up bits of mucus, or I was five minutes ago.

Persistence. I will have to try again tomorrow.
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Benchpress: 1x5 @60kg; 1x5 @65kg; 2x4 @60kg.
Assisted pullup: 2x5 @30kg assist; 2x5 @25kg assist.
Treadmill: 0.5 miles in 5:00 (continuous), 1.2 miles in 15:00, intervals.
Deadlift: 3x5 @50kg
Exercise bike: 11:00, not sure how many k because I desperately needed water and paused the machine only to come back and find it had reset itself.
Bicep curl: 3x10 @9kg/arm.
Balance thingy: 2x 60seconds
Treadmill #2: 0.5 miles in 5:40, intervals.

Mass: 106.4kg.
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I can now officially benchpress more than half my bodyweight. FEAR ME I GROW STRONGER.

Benchpress: 4x5 @60kg.
Assisted pullup: 2x5 @25kg assist, 2x5 @30kg assist.
Treadmill: mile in 12:00, intervals.
Exercise bike: 12km in 32:30.
Rowing machine: 500m in 3:00.
Exercises for the weak ankle.
Modified salute to the sun.

Mass: 107.6kg
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One of the nice staff lads pointed out that hey, they have balance devices in the gym! So I nabbed one of them to exercise my weak ankle, and should probably add that into the general rotation from now on.

No deadlift today. Treadmill, mile in intervals, 12:00. Exercise bike, 5km in 14:00. Assisted pullup: 4x5 @30kg assist. Benchpress: 4x5 @55kg. Military press: 3x10 @5kg/arm. Chest fly, same. Shoulder fly, 3x10 @6kg/arm. Bicep curl, 3x8 @9kg/arm. Stretches, including modified salute to the sun.

Mass: 106.4kg

Now I really should get on with my thesis. Wish me courage.
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Exercise bike: 12km in 32:30. Treadmill: 0.5 miles in 05:00 continuous, 2 miles in 24:50, intervals. Benchpress: 2x5 @30kg + bar, 1x5 @35kg + bar, 1x5 @40kg + bar. Deadlift: 3x5 @40kg + bar. Assisted pull-up: 2x5 @35kg assist, 1x5 @30kg assist. Chest fly: 3x10@5kg/arm. Shoulder fly, same. Military press, same. Bicep curl: 3x10 @7kg/arm. 1 x salute to the sun.

Mass: 105.7kg.


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